Saturday, October 2, 2010

The best governor King Coal, Duke Nuke, and Goopy Gas can buy!

Ohio Rural Electric Cooperatives: $13,000

Duke Energy: $12,790

First Energy: $7,000
Ohio Coal Association: $5,500

Dominion Energy: $5,000

Nisource Inc.: $5,000

BP (You remember them, right?): $2,500

Dayton Power and Light: $2,500

...and that's just the corporate funds (PACs etc.), if you include individual contributions (Such as OSAIRE Gas CEO, Richard Osborne's $22,790 nugget) you end up with a total of:

 (Be sure to thank Ted Strickland for leading the mercury spewing coal plants!)

Dennis Spisak, Green Party candidate for Governor

Contributions from energy companies (or any corporation for that matter):


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